Missing feet

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Some new developments on those feet.  Looks like there’s no reason to think the feet were forcibly severed.  And it also looks like two of the feet actually match.

Comment on that cbc page that police are taking the proper steps to get to the sole of the matter. No tip-toeing around this time.

Heh, lots of foot puns in the comments, but some interesting comments there too.  Flip through them.  Like this one:

[quote]First, RIP.

Now, the large shoe size suggests large people. Average size of tsunami victims is much smaller, so that suggests the remains aren’t from that. Most likely north american.

The woman was frugal as her shoes were made in 1999.

They were all wearing athletic shoes, suggesting the people were dressed casually at the time of death.

The popular theory is that the feet belong to the victims of a plane crash.

What type of plane was it and what was the nature of the voyage?
Can’t they test that theory out directly rather then test all missing victims?
Why not start with their dna?

We cannot rule out foul play, as we don’t know what has happened to the rest of the body.

Anybody know how far apart the two islands are where the matching dna was found?

No comment was provided as to the foot found in Sweden just the other day.
It was a man’s shoe with a foot in it, presumably male but no size was given.[/quote]

A real mystery, worthy of a CSI episode or two for sure.

But Mig they will not ever figure it out and solve the case unless they find lots of SPERM around the foot or rocks it is laying around.

Sure they will. CSI can search billions upon billions of DNA records between commercials. So many DNA records it makes you wonder how many laws they violated to get that many!

I read that this will stay a mystery, its unsolvable! 

No no… the people from “Bones” will use their 3-D imager device to build a complete human body from the shape of the foot.

New stuff:

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Canadian CSI

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My peeve is Ontarians who say “ware” for “were”. Especially on CTV News.

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