Missing dog

Hey everyone,

A friend of mine hasn’t seen his dog for a couple of days, and I thought I’d put out the appeal here in case any of you see him.  He’s part lab (not sure what else is in there) - so he’s black with a white chest - floppy ears…  and his name is Bubba.  He is super friendly - and loves everyone.  I am not sure if he was wearing a collar or a tag - I will try to find that out though.  He’s been checking with the SPCA regularly, and still no sign of him. 

So if anyone sees him - please send me a message through the forum here. 

Thanks for all your help!

Do you have a picture of him that you could post?

Not yet - but I’m going to try and work on getting one from my friend.

What area of town is he missing from and is he a long-haired or short-haired pup in the event we see him to identify him  ?  Your friend may want to call the Wildlife Shelter also and just advise Nancy and Gunter that he is looking for his dog.  Sometimes they take in dogs and cats.  Their number is 2506244143 and also, maybe call the radio station and ask that Lisa put a callout on her morning show.  She is super nice and I am sure would be happy to help !!  Number there is 250 624 9111.  Good Luck and please keep us posted …

put an ad in all the chinese restaurants  :smiley:

sure bad joke i know  :astonished:

Oy - what a day!  I was hoping to get back to the forum to update you all sooner, but Bubba has been found!  He ended up at the Vet’s office and when my friend called to see if he was there, he was!

Thanks to everyone that offered help and sent messages - it was greatly appreciated!

Oh, I am so happy for Bubba and his family  :smiley:  When I came home from work tonight , I checked to see if there was any news and YEAH, great news to end the day…I bet Bubba has earned a few extra treats  :smiley:

I never went missing, I’m right here. Where’s my treats?

I’m glad Bubba was found. I bet he is stoked to lay in his bed for the night.

Great news, kaleid!  I’m happy that you found your dog.  :smiley:

Not my dog - but a friend’s dog.  Either way it is definitely great news. :wink:

Woo hooo!  so glad!

Why would Bubba get extra treats? A kick in the ass is more like it, for running away!

True dat!  I was thinking the same thing!

Bahaha for sure, kick him in the ass!  My friend said he was glad that the vet picked up his dog - it was ‘only $80’ to spring him - but if the city had grabbed him, it would have been $375 (I think that’s what he said) because he’s been a ‘bad dog’ before, and he’s an unlicensed bad dog!  I admit I wasn’t aware of the delinquency of my friend in making sure his dog was licensed - but even so, my dogs are my children so I try and help anyone I can that is dealing with a missing dog, no matter how ‘bad’ their owners are.  Well, maybe not ‘no matter’ - if someone is abusing a dog then no way will I help…

I have to assume though that you would help the dog…or do you mean that you wouldn’t help the dog find its owner  :wink:

LOL - yeah - just not helping the stupid owner… :wink: