Missing couple on Ferry

So has there been a search in the ferry for those two missing people or what? I still have my doubts that they were even on the boat to begin with.

Hey, yah I agree with you Freshy.  Nothing has been done, there should have been some evidence of some sort, (i’m not trying to hurt anyone here but) wouldnt there be some clothes or some sort of remains left of those ppl?  They did have a small sub down there twice.

It’s a big boat, if they got stuck in their room, a stairwell, elevator or something the mini sub might not see them.

I heard a rumor that the two were passed out. And didn’t hear anything…

Right, so they must have told someone that they didn’t hear anything, while being passed out… good rumor.

I’ll this again, they must of not of heared anything because they were passed out. A family friend said that were known for their drinking.