Misfits concert

Anybody planning on going to the misfits concert on the 18th of october?

Where at?

o_O Green Day concert in Van on Nov 17th, sounds goooooooood.

I’m not really up to date with the Misfits right now. Who’s in the band right now? The last time I knew for sure was Jerry, Doyle, Chud and Michael. But, I’ve heard Michael left and this and that. Anyone know the line up for sure?


Well, frankly, even if there was a misfits concert around here, I probably wouldn’t go. These neo-misfits aren’t what I like, it’s the older guys that rocked. Anything prior to, lets say American Physco is digable. The 12" Misfits LP’s I found in the attic from my mom’s punk years would also be rockable, if they still were operational.

It’s in Vancouver, and I don’t really who’s in it, I missed out on the warp tour, and this concert is good enough.

And I really wanted to go to this misfits concert because I thought Alice Cooper was going to be with them, but he doesn’t join them untill the 22nd.

But I still really want to go to this concert.

I’ve also been reading that G danzig and Jerry were getting back together, and they were going to on tour, and they wanted to make another record.

danzig is a cunt. and he got one punched not too long ago at some concert, i have a clip of it on my comp somewhere. freakin hilarious.

The old misfits get credit for their originality. Personally i love all misfits new and old. So if anyone is actually going to go to this concert, i am planning on going, so it may be cheaper ticket wise if anyone wants to be travel buddies.

Danzig is god, so is new misfits.

I’d say I would, but we had our arguements, and im not sure if you’d want to go with 14-16 year olds.

If they are misfits fans than who cares.

what the hell i dont think i can get into it, i heard it was a bar.

I Dunno… I liked the old misfits… but I wouldn’t support the new misfits they make their songs seem all ghostly and I think its tacky… but hey… thats just my opinion. All in all … concerts are a blast…

yaah… i think we’re going to the green day concert now, cuz we can’t get into the misfits concert

haha KIDS

im still going, even managed to steal an advertisement poster on my trip down this last week :smiley:

how old are you?

does that mean us kids can still get in?

i might be checkin out the misfits along with green day. a few friends of mine are coming down from the 'horse to check them out.

<- 20

its at a bar… i doubt you will get in.

yaaah… well… Van halen is also comin to Van :laughing:

annnd its not gunna be at a bar