Misdelivered emails?

Hi dudes and dudettes,
lately I’ve been getting spam emails at my citytel account that arent even addressed to me!  They are addressed to email handles similar to mine, but never mine.

What gives ?

ps its mostly shitty stock advice. (??)

I’ve been getting tons more spam than usual to my citytel account.  A lot of it is asking me to buy petroleum, giving me stock tips, or telling me I’ve won a prize.  I was usually getting about 2 spam msgs a day, but the last week or so I’ve been getting around 10 a day.

Has anyone noticed the barely-there grey print in some of the messages?  I got one today that I happened to open just to see what the fuss was about:.

Suddenly the stupefied barman heard a deep bass voice :
    ‘Well sir, and what can I do for you? ’
    Andrei Fokich turned round and saw the man he was looking for.
    The black magician was lolling on a vast, low, cushion-strewn divan. As
far  as the barman  could see  the professor was  wearing nothing but  black
underwear and black slippers with pointed toes.
    ‘I am,’ said the little man bitterly, ’ the head barman at the Variety
    The professor stretched  out a hand glittering with  precious stones as
though to stop the barman’s mouth and interrupted heatedly:

and that’s all I get.  Damn cliffhangers!

I’ve also been getting junk from the future!  There’s 3 emails in my spam folder that say they arrived Nov 27 and 28 2006.  This is an exerpt from one of them:

‘Will you speak?’ thundered the Jew: shaking the Dodger so much that his keeping in the big coat at all, seemed perfectly miraculous.‘The very thing!’ said the Jew. ‘Bet will go; won’t you, my dear?’‘That’s very likely,’ returned Sikes with a malicious grin. ‘You’re blowed upon, Fagin.’‘Perhaps I am,’ replied Sikes; ‘I should think you was rather out of sorts too, unless you mean as little harm when you throw pewter pots about, as you do when you blab and—’‘Well, well, then—Bill Sikes,’ said the Jew, with abject humility.

As usual, none of said emails are addressed to me, or have email addresses even close to mine.

Yep, I’ve been getting a tonne of spam lately.  I read somewhere that there are some nasty trojan viruses out there that are becoming very good at spreading this stuff.  I just checked my mail and 16 junk e-mails got caught by my junk e-mail filter on Thunder Bird. 
Spam is getting worse. :imp:

so are my emails going to someone elses box ? wtf

Yup i’ve been getting lots of this stock stuff too :frowning: to bad mac mail is not picking it up as junk mail.

Gota love them people that run windows and don’t update there av software and just let there machines become some one’s webserver.

(explains yet again)

  1. You’re address is in the BCC list.
  2. SpamAssassin hasn’t learned the latest trick yet.
    ex: from Elmo T. Exploit  subject Elmo
    from Suzy Curvacious to (bcc list of ppl named George)  subject Hi, George
    all of which are penny stock promos…

yup got em all the time :smiley:  I have it in training mode now. ( mac mail )

If you take the emails and drag them to the Junk-Mail folder it trains the email client from the content and subject to automatically put them there.


First 3 calls of the day and first 2 walk-ins: waahhh I’m getting spam.
I now answer 'and you’re telling me because…?

I almost have the damned maildrop working that will give a choice of server-sent to a spam folder or to /dev/null. I just messed up in testing and sent all the spam last weekend for an entire domain (500 USERS) to one mailbox on another…  whoops!

You broke the interweb ?

Minor details right :wink: just like my day a few weeks ago where I fixed mail on all of our hardware nodes… little did i know the previous sysadmin had configured them to send us system/cron emails…

email hadn’t been working for ~ a year there was a minor backlog. Before I manged to clear out all the queues on every node (~500 yes it was scripted  :smiley:) about 100 000 emails were delivered to my mailbox  :unamused:

Testing a tutorial on a box with 1 small working domain and one domain that’s never had mail enabled: it uses maildrop to check for a user .mailfilter file. The .mailfilter files is supposed to check for a SPAM header and send the marked mail either to a .spam folder or to /dev/null as listed.
Unfortunately it chooses to redirect the mail to a forward that was (that’s the operative word, was) listed in one users courier/postfix SQL entry… even though it’s not listed as a maildrop choice. Urggh!

I’m also trying to remove a mail-relay someone setup on a remote rez. They used to be served by dialup only and someone convinced them to setup a mailserver there that relays to their Groupwise. It could be replaced by a $49 router if I could figure out how to make Groupwise call a remote server for the mail instead.

Hey, Smartass, could you keep sharing some of that stuff? It’s some damned good reading!

EWWWWW  Groupwise…

woohoo, it works now. Had to thk the writer for keeping replies to ‘check the log’, etc. Had to figure it out myself. Now when the next guy pisses me off, I can redirect ALL the spam from ALL the accounts in ALL the domains to his mailbox. Buah-ah-ah!
Now I just have to write a script to empty their spam box for them. You know the ones where its just too fukkin hard to go to Squirrelmail and click the EMPTY button when you get the 80% quota message, or the 90% quota message…
Now to learn perl so I can make an admin webpage where you enter username, domain, filter A,B or C and it executes maildirmake and inserts to mysql usertable. Keep me busy 'til i’m 64…