Minister's support of Enbridge raises ire of MP

During last week’s conference of Canadian energy ministers in Kananaskis Alberta Federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver pulled no punches in outlining his support for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project, saying “we are supportive of the Gateway project because it will open up exports”, and that comment while the project is still under review has raised the ire of the northwest’s MP. … 62353.html

Harper’s done nothing interesting yet, so I would expect ramming through Enbridge against almost 100% opposition will be his big assholic move.

+1 for assholic…funny stuff, man. :smile:
Agreed. Harper is behaving in a very restrained fashion. I’m also waiting for him to put on his cowboy hat and yell…YEEHAW. I don’t know, maybe now that he represents “Canada’s values” he will put forth a more centrist position. Interesting times ahead.