Minecraft awesome game play

so my 7 year old daughter has been watching youtube videos about minecraft, and asked if i could get it for her, so after some searching i found the site paid for it and she loves it, so I buy it for the xbox.
I have to say what a awesome game, I play it all the time, and so does the wife and the other 2 kids… we have to set up times so everyone can get their time in. I did set up a server but took it offline as we were having issues.
how many other people play minecraft ? I just built my Nether portal but I’m to chicken to go through it yet…lol…

Been playing since the Beta. My kid grew up with it, and does the YouTube thing all the time, recording his crazy adventures. His birthday party is gonna be minecraft-themed.

My wife and other kid play too. We have our own server that we have other friends and relative join. You should drop by.

the IP is There’s a map that is updated every night here:

It’s a hardcore server, so you gotta be really careful not to die, as you can’t play anymore after you die. First thing you want to do is take the bridge or tunnel from the spawn area (an Island) to a safer island, and maybe grab some equipment and food. You’ll find a tall building on that island, with a portal inside. Go through the portal and follow the path in the nether to another portal, and you’ll be near our village.

I like to play hardcore, 'cause it makes people more careful about what they do. Though I’ve ‘resurrected’ players on the server when they’ve asked.

I just found my first nether fortress a couple of days ago. Pretty scary in hardcore mode! But I survived, barely.

thanks MiG i will get better before I try your server… lol i would hate to die the first night…

You won’t die, it’s pretty well lit, and if you take the bridge or tunnel to the second island, then you’ll be safe. There’s even signs telling you where to go, etc. The only dangerous parts are when you go into places that we haven’t ‘tamed’ yet. But that’s fun too.

Here’s the important part from the map:


Zoomable map here:

I don’t play but my son does ( a lot). Seems to be a very popular game since a lot of my students are players too.
Here is a Minecraft style snowman we built last year.

The game is VERY popular amongst kids down at Good Times. A lot of kids play it and it’s a favorite for the birthday parties they host there.

It’s an awesome LAN game to play as well.

This summer I taught a bunch of kids how to bypass a firewall with openvpn just so they could play :smile: Educators also get a discount on accounts – I think it’s 50% off. I bought a bunch of accounts and gave them out. And thanks to the success of that, now we no longer block stuff like Minecraft.

This is literally happening behind me right now as I type this:

http://i.imgur.com/VedhHiGs.jpg http://i.imgur.com/0Vp9pePs.jpg http://i.imgur.com/OEN61XAs.jpg

Meanwhile, my server is ‘hardcore’ from listening to the whining of a bunch of neighbourhood kids playing it. They’re always wanting to take shortcuts, and have stuff for free, and not work for it. For the longest time my kid would never even think about food until he was literally starving in the game. So now the server is hardcore, no cheats, no ops, no nothing. Everybody has to plan for the future and play carefully, instead of running around with no consequences. Sucks to have a teacher for a father!

My kids play Minecraft too. The other day they showed me a map that was based off of the Hunger Games. Kind of cool as the two of them (boys less than 2 years apart) strategize together.

Another game that looks good is Roblox. With a builders club purchase they design there own maps, clothing, etc. and get into the programming of the game.

What I like is both games require no killer computers that cost a bunch of coin :smile:

what recording software do you all use Or MiG, Sophia want to record her game play… thanks…

I use Screenflow: telestream.net/screenflow/overview.htm

But there are a lot of free apps out there that do the same thing. I think the latest version of Minecraft even has support for live streaming or recording as well.

thanks MiG, i found fraps, works well for her…now i got to set up a youtube account for her , she wants to show others… kids these days…