Military sources: Dying spy satellite hit by missile

WASHINGTON (CNN)  – An inoperable U.S. spy satellite orbiting about 150 miles above Earth was struck Wednesday by a missile fired from a U.S. Navy cruiser, military sources told CNN.

The Pentagon said the window of opportunity to strike the 5,000-pound satellite opened Wednesday, when the space shuttle Atlantis landed in Florida. The Pentagon wanted to be sure the shuttle would not be struck by any debris from a destroyed satellite.

Maybe it blowed up real good, Jethro. :smile:

Didn’t China already do this like a month ago? :smile:

No, this was two totally different situations.  The Chinese shot down a weather satellite that was in orbit with a normal anti-satellite missile.  The U.S. shot down an errant satellite and aimed just for the fuel tank with a modified missile that was only used to shoot down incoming missiles.

Yea. Close enough:

“The US has denied the shootdown is a response to a successful anti-satellite test carried out by China last year, which prompted fears of a space arms race. But Russia has challenged America’s rationale for carrying out the action.”

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