Mighty Wi-Fi

anyone try this with there PDA its a SanDisk Wi-Fi card It fits in too the (SD) slot. it comes in two flavors just the Wi-Fi and also with 256 megs of ram http://www.pcworld.com/news/graphics/116257-n_052504_sd256wifi.jpghttp://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,116257,00.asp
thinking of getting one, want to know if someone has one and what they thought of it?

They work Great. Just remember to take it out when you put the pda in your pocket they break off really easily. : O )

thanks I got Data boy looking into it for me :smiley: Ebay has them for about $120.00 American for the wi-fi and 256 meg card. will see who is cheaper.

I’m sitting on the other side of the lake at gf’s house posting from her laptop. It pops to a DLink wireless, then networked to a CPE outside that goes to a mountain about 10 miles away and shoots back across the lake to the top of our building.
This is the first time I’ve surfed wireless for any length of time since I installed my NetEqualizer bandwidth manager. Works pretty good. When someone hogs the channel, it only drops you for a short interruption. I have to set it up for even shorter interrupts!
Pinging the gateway averages 43 ms, that’s thru 3 radios and about 22 miles in distance

I just put up myWireless antenna In my back yard It took me all week. Now I can go anywere in town and get the internet here is a pic of the antenna in the back yard. The other pic is of my directional antenna thats on my car, woo woo http://americanhistory.si.edu/scienceservice/1966/033015.jpg

You lie… there’s blue sky in that pic.

lol thats good… made me laugh :laughing:

B&H has it for $69.95US (which is $86.04cdn), and remember, NO PST!

Here’s a mighty WI-FI abortion:
I have a USB wireless on this tower picking up a WAVEPOINT signal on the other side of the room. The Wavepoint is connected to a 5.8 Gig radio on the roof that talks to another 5.8 on the mountain about 2 kms away.
That 5.8 is plugged directly into another Wavepoint that shoots back down to the rooftop antenna plugged into a different Wavepoint, that’s hooked to my ADSL.
I can ping from the desktop to citytel in 60ms. That’s thru 6 radios, thru the adsl to P George, to vancouver and backup to Rupert. Over Bell, Telus, Navigata and CityTel.
And I have to call citytel and give them shit. their server’s named sevenof9.citytel.netmaxit.net claimed Voyager names first! Sevenof9 is our bandwidth manager that says “I will not comply” if you try to hog the pipe downloading w KaZaa!!!
Way more fun than building a floppy RAID

…it has been that has been that name since Jan of '98. I used to have a borg.citytel.net but it got changed a while back.

We named our public access terminal crewman1.maxit.net because it gets killed every week :smiley:
main router is janeway
web server is paris
mail server is torres
bandwidth filter 7of9
workbench terminal holodoc
accountant is sevenofnine (she thinks she is)
tuvok got sold to a mill
and now we use any Trekkie name for computers we build and sell.

Still have bart and homer from our old company that used simpson’s characters. Flanders used to be a porn server til the checks bounced!

Happy to report (okay brag) my rebuild worked and we now have two amplified internet radios on the UHF TV tower fed by the latest backhaul pipe. We re-aimed them so one covers the industrial area better, and the other should give better signals to the farthest out trailer park and downtown.
You can sit in the park next summer and surf the net for free* or walk around downtown with your PDA.
8) 8) 8)
*absolutely free as long as you pay a small monthly fee to NOT block your MAC address. Buah-hah-hah…