Micky dees

Just a dumb rambling thought. Why is McDonalds called mickey dees? Shouldn’t it be called macky dees? (May be some conflict with a book of the OT)?

mickey dees is cooler.

I am guessing cause it is pronounced “mikdonalds” (McDonalds) no makdonalds which would be spelled MacDonalds.

McBurps to me but it has saved my belly a few times , years ago when I was running the streets and sleeping here or there one could get a cheese burger for twenty nine cents. So when panhandling was good one could dig out. But I am glad that I am well off now and I can eat Mac and Cheese.

Found this on urban dictionary

urbandictionary.com/define.p … ey%20D%27s

Thanks Rox, but I will pass on the #7!!!  :astonished:  :smiley:

True story: I was teaching an English conversation class once, and there were a bunch of company names in their textbook.  We came to McDonald’s, and I said the name, and one of the students laughed and said “No, not McDonald’s.  Makudonarudo!”

Gotta love it when the students try and correct the teacher and get it totally wrong!