Michael Jackson's Doctor charged with manslaughter

Michael Jackson’s Doctor charged with manslaughter.


See and this is why our society is fucked up. He should have been given a medal for killing a child molester.

He was found not guilty of child molestation, jesus.

I think they should bring the doctor in to treat Michael’s father. Plus I agree they found Michael not guilty of child molestation but they charge the doctor of manslaughter, like he never knew what he was putting in his body.

OJ was found not guilty of murder… that doesnt mean he didnt do it it just means there wasnt sufficient evidence to convict him.

True enough.  But, in the eyes of the law Jackson was found to be innocent.  The legal system requires proof of guilt.  I like the idea of innocent until proven guilty.
OJ was found to be guilty in his second trial.  And OJ is now cooling his heals in jail for robbery.

At least he was found guilty in the civil case and the fact he is behind bars now on obviously unrelated charges gives everyone, I would hope, some degree of satisfaction.  What he did was absolutely horrendous, obnoxious p----k !

I was going to respond further but I really don’t care about this subject enough to respond further so you win.  ( I think thats the first time I’ve said that here.)

I’ve gotta agree with Jesus here. At worst Michael Jackson was a child molester, but even in a best case scenario he was still engaged in inappropriate activities with young boys… that much is a fact.

I’m certainly not happy that he’s dead, I always joked that the only thing that would make up for his alleged crimes would be a fantastic comeback–and he was about to deliver on that… but I don’t like the deification he’s received since his death.

wait, what?

Wait…what?    :imp:

Thanks for the debate.  :smile:

Update to this story.  The coroner has released details about Jackson’s death.  His death is a homicide.

[quote]Los Angeles, California (CNN) – With Dr. Conrad Murray officially charged in Michael Jackson’s death, the Los Angeles coroner has released the autopsy report that said it was a homicide.

The 51-page report gives vivid detail supporting last August’s conclusion that Jackson died from “acute propofol intoxication.”[/quote]


I heard this morning though that he had only been charged with “involuntary Manslaughter”.  Have they upgraded the charge as of then?