Michael J. Fox

Did you know that Michael J. Fox lost a leg to cancer, then tried to run across the country to raise money and awareness for cancer research?

This is too funny:

today.msnbc.msn.com/id/35017294/ … /#35364264


Yeah 820 million dollars just doesn’t buy the kind of research that it used to.


Oh, Meredith Viera, research, research  :unamused:  Trouble is, none of the rest of the NBC team corrected her OMG !!  Maybe she was too distracted by her burnt marshmallows !

Well, getting the name wrong is one thing, could very well have been a slip-up. The best part for me were the pictures, because it meant that whoever grabbed the pictures saw the first one with a clear “Terry Fox” on the T-shirt, and still grabbed a second picture of Michael J Fox.

I think the other host picked Michael J. Fox because he realized the mistake that Viera did and was trying to avoid showing the ignorance of the whole crew about canadians.