Metallica XMAS

Yahoo, Metallica has a Christmas song called “Carol of the Bells”

Let me guess, little brother posting again ? Or maybe its your little sister…hmm

it’s true x-mas song

Yet it’s not even Metallica performing it. Metallica has never done “Carol of the Bells” and has absolutely nothing to do with that track. Some dumbass named it that and now there’s tons of copies out there giving Metallica credit for it. The track in question is performed by the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and should be named “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24.”

That stick dude looks like Boba Fett!

duhh… its boba fett and a battle droid.
shakes head

Smartass wrote:

Oh, well it sounds cool anyway,

and no DjTux, it’s not little bro or sis dude. :open_mouth: