Messenger remover?

Anyone know of a program that will kill all messenger programs at startup? So as soon as you log in MSN, Yahoo, Windows Messenger are all disabled and hopefully will not install if downloaded?

Special request from about 100,000,000 parents and employers

start run regedit :smile: :smile: remove it out of the registery

My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\microsoft\currentVersion\run


Start>Run>MSCONFIG>Startup Tab>Unselect progz you dont want to load at startup


the msconfig only disables it from auto startup, you can click the icon. I want the programs disabled and users unable to reinstall them. Do you know how many times I personally uninstalled MSN, disabled Messenger as a service on our back office accounting computer only to find a co-owners kids reinstalled them so they could skip school and screw aound? Or an employee on their workstation?

I’m tempted to start sellng routers to parents with only ports 80, 25, 110 open… I know dozens of kids who piss around all semester on MSN, having completly fooled their parents into believing they ‘need’ broadband, until the teachers lay an ultimatum. Then they’re up for 3 days til 5 am rushing out their overdue homework and always miraculously pass and go onto the next grade. Where they do it again.
When they graduate, they’re in YOUR office letting the service phone ring 12 times til they can break off an MSN chat

ahh the deepfreeze ppl! Seems being a teacher you know exactly where I’m coming from. Thx!

HEH yes he does ive been in his class where he shows the logs and shows oh look this kid is trying to install msn or napster lets go talk to him. It’s funny how mig has the school locked down and can see ever thing. Pretty smart guy…

The BC Government has this down to a science. We just got our computers “refreshed” and now I’m so locked out I can’t even open the tray time icon, which pisses me off because it makes for a very convenient “at a glance” calendar when I’m working on the computer.

I miss the good ole days where I could install anything I wanted on the computers. :smile:


Where was the refresh done ? I know the crew that did it :smile: They are from victoria :smile: