Messed up clock

The time on my PC is all wrong…  I went to try to synchronize it with or whattheheck… but it won’t fix itself… anyone else having this problem?

The battery inside the computer that keeps the clock working properly, has probably died.
At least I think that’s what it probably is. If I remember correctly from computer class.

But I have a notoriously bad memory, so It might not be that at all.

make sure your date is correct,

if the year or even the day is incorrect the time will not synchronize with the time server,

'cause you can’t synchronize with a time server for 1/1/2001 when it’s 8/4/2008 eh?

Hey thanks… the date WAS wrong, but only by a couple of hours.  Once I changed the date, it worked!

Haha well I feel silly.

But isn’t that true? Theres a little battery in your computer that keeps the time right?

If it keeps messing up, you might have a virus or spyware of some sort.  Run a start up or safe mode virus scan just to be safe.

Hey bubbasteve  you are so right  its a cmos battery