Merkin Presidential Election watch

American Presidential Election results:

All of over the Internet today there are comments like:

Dear America,

Please don’t fuck this up.

The rest of the world

And of course, the obligatory

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results of 2008 Election Early

Hah, I hadn’t seen this one yet:

Voting Machine Elect One Of Their Own As President

As always, the Onion delivers.

Best coverage of election is on the comedy channel!

Rhino shooting laser beams!  Colbert and Stewart hosting Indecision 2008.

Fox and CNN have both called it for Obama.

Waiting for President-Elect Obama’s speech. :sunglasses:

:smiley:   :cry:


— whew —

I do hope he can keep up his energy! He’s gonna need it!!

We came out of the All-Candidates meet tonight, just as Obama took the stage. I don’t know if it was visible in Rupert, but a huge multi-colored shooting star shot overhead just as we did.
People were asking if that’s some sort of omen of change.
We hope so.

Strangest thing of the media coverage from Tuesday nights election…

I guess Mr Sulu couldn’t get the transporter working properly for the night

Maybe Canadians will ease up with the smug sense of superiority over Americans now that Bush is finally out.

Hillary Clinton Resumes Attacking Obama

Obama’s speech was breath-taking!  What an amazing night! :smiley:

Speech’s are nothing more then rhetoric, lets see if he does any of things he spewed out of his mouth.  Now that he’s going to be president he’ll live and die by what he does.  Pretty speeches aren’t going to fix the economy or the war on terror.  Or the other numerous problems my country is facing.

Very true! 
He has the overwhelming support of Americans from all walks of life.  I think President Obama has the intelligence and drive to lead America through this difficult period.  It will not be an easy task.

Maybe now the Oldies radio stations can dig the original version
of “Only in America by The Drifters” out of the vault and give it
equal play time with Jay & The Americans.

I just hope Obama is good for Canada.  Wonder how he plans to re-write NAFTA?