I am experiencing a lack of memory on my system here , are there any suggestions out there without any smart remarks?

what type of memory? does it stop you from installing something on your computer because there is not enough physical memory?

Is it running slower then usual? also do you know what kind of RAM you have? DDR2, DDR3? or older models DDR.

two things you could, do either get a bigger hard drive and use it for storage, if you are running out of space, or upgrade the ram.  i’m using 2x2gb DDR2-1066 in my computer. 

G.Skills are on sale at right now 4gb 2X2GB DDR2-1066, they are the same as what i’m running now.  they are $99 plus shipping and taxes. … =G%2ESkill

also there are some less expensive sets, 2x1gb ddr2-800 … omoid=1196

You need to be a bit more clear with your post, Justin. 
Do you mean that when you go into your system profile in windows that your PC is not displaying the correct amount of RAM installed?  Or do you mean that your system is generally slowing down and is not as responsive as it once was?