Memory usage FF compared to FF 3.0 beta1

I think rangerwreck commented before about the merits of the upcoming release of FF 3.0.  FF 3.0 sounds like it will be a lighter, faster browser. :sunglasses:

Haha, woo woo… I still haven’t tried it yet… still running alpha 7. Might upgrade if I get ambitious.

But yeah, much more awesomeness. You’ll feel the super-fast-crazy action right off the bat. Rendering… so… fast…

Cool.  :sunglasses:
I’m glad FF is getting back to what made it such an outstanding browser in the first place, a light, feature-filled browser with out a lot of bloat.  FF 2.0.0.x has turned into a memory hog.  I’m looking forward to when 3.0 is released. :smile:

But hitest! You don’t need to wait! You need to get some alpha/beta stock rolling now! It’s like smoking crack… so good… but so bad… but mostly good… seriously, it’s pretty stable!

LMAO…so Fire Fox 3.0= crack, funny stuff, man!  Good one! :sunglasses:  Okay, I’ll give it closer look, rangerwreck. :smile:

Hmmmmm…went to the mozilla download page and they only have FF 3.0 beta1 in source.  I haven’t had a lot of luck compiling FF from source, too many dependencies.  I don’t run windows at home.  I guess I’ll wait a bit.  Is there a xxxx.tar.gz package anywhere?