Melvin Christison Murder update

Looks like Annalee Auckland, the person accused of the Melvin Christison murder, made a court appearance today: … -in-court/

They are still considering the murder charge, and she has been released on bail, but must reside in Kitimat, not Prince Rupert.

Well there you go, if I should stick someone and they die, will it be like summer camp where as I will do a little time spent then get bail. I believe if you kill someone and you get popped for it you should do your time. Melvin will never get that second breath. Do your time or don’t play the game. These young punks who think its all like a movie will never learn.

Um…  There’s this little thing called a “trial” that they need to get out of the way before locking her up and throwing away the key.  Before locking up anyone else , for that matter.

The bail - $1000 - seems awfully low considering the seriousness of the crime.  A life was lost, and even though the Crown hasn’t decided between manslaughter or murder, the potential penalties are among the harshest our justice system has on offer,  but that is a whole other debate.

Does mandatory early parole allow the parole system to keep its thumb on convicts and ensure their rehabilitation after release, or does it make a mockery of the public’s expectations when delay after delay before trial counts for double and convicts are released on bail before the ink is dry on their sentencing reports?