Meet The Author

Come meet the author of The Railroader’s Wife: Letters from the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Jane Stevenson will be at Rainforest Books on Tuesday August 17,2010 at 7pm to present a slide show and talk about her new book!! Books will are now available at the store!! Come join us!!

Thank you for the information.
Sounds like a plan.

That’s cool! Thanks for posting the info.

Does Rainforest Books have a book club? If they don’t is anyone interested in asking them to see if we could start one?!!? The owner is pretty cool and would probably let us use the store for it!!!

What does a book club do actuallly? Never been part of one. Do they meet regularly and all read the same books? I would be interested in a once month kinda thing bookgirl. Gord is really open to that kind of stuff, i am sure he would entertain the idea.

Hey roja! Any of the book clubs i’ve ever heard of meet once a month somewhere to discuss whatever book that the group is reading!!! Would anyone else be interested in a book club if we could get the gang at rainforest books involved? Would be a great way to support a local business!! Was in the store yesterday and heard the girl working there talking about bringing in another author!!! Can’t wait to see who it is!!!

We would love to do a book club here at the store!! We would be more than happy to open the store 1 night a week/month and have the Book club meet here! If anyone is interested please let us know and we can start thinking about the first book to choose and what night works best for everyone! Give us a call 624-4195 or leave us a message on here!!!

Tomorrow’s the big day!!! Jane Stevenson will be here at Rainforest Books doing a book reading, slide show and signing copies of her book!! She was the curator of the Bulkley Valley Museum in Smithers and has been published in several magazines!!! There will be coffee and snacks after the reading and slide show!!! Come in and join us 7-9pm!!!

Thank you to all of you that came to the author reading last night!!! It was a great turn out!!! Keep an eye open for our next author reading to come in September!!!