Media control

I’ve been reading the board for a while now. I’m from Prince George but am making a documentary in Terrace right now.

I figured this little film I found on INDY MEDIA would spark some good discussion.

How is it that the idea of the war was never questioned in the mass media?


scroll down a bit. There’s a link to the full film in RM format.


manditory quote

Agreed. If someone puts something in rm format, I don’t need to see it that badly.

I downloaded 2 seasons of southpark off BT and it was all .rm… Needless to say it was a sad day for all.

You guys need to get out more. :wink:

I don’t use real player either. … 54136293/1

Real alternative and Media Player Classic are the way to go. Opensource all the way. :smile:


awesome, i love you, way to hand it right back to the nerd-whine-squad!

and to address the issue you raised… well, they’re is a bit of an independant media, just not in the US! and if they are, they probably wandered into the wrong spot while embedded and ended up shredded like a fallujan…

well, it wasn’t my intent to be snarky. I do think it’s important for us canadians to help the US be somewhat objective when it comes to their media.

If you’re in the middle of the fight you can’t see what it looks like eh?

There’s this but it’s kinda hard to navigate.

I’ve been looking at the democracy now newscasts. Pretty good. Also, the cbc “national” video stream is pretty cool.


the US either doesnt want our help, or they dont need it ( because they are clued in.

maybe you werent trying to be snarky, but I think a few of the replies to your link were, and its funny when someone is unexpectedly saavy, especially saavy enough to hand them their lunch on the issue.

Great to have you aboard steph. We cannot help the US be more objective because it’s quite obvious the majority of them don’t want to be, apparently ignorance really is bliss. there are some really great sources of independent media on the internet that would simply not be allowed to exist otherwise. Check out and I will have to visit the ones you’ve posted here.

Thanks folks.

Well, I agree that most don’t want help waking up from their consuming slumber. It’s hard for me to make the connections between mental health and window shopping too. There’s just so much shiny stuff out there… :smile:

Perhaps the question is when too much will be enough? When will the situation come to a head and the media barons find themselves on the bad end of a bucket of cold water? I tell ya, having the media controlled by a handfull of people really freaks me out.