Mechanical question

Does anyone know what the average cost of cleaning a transmission on a minivan???

What you want is a transmission flush.  I think between $175-$250.  They have a special  machine that removes the old fluid, flushes it.  Also includes new fluid & filter.

well to replace would cost about 4000 to 5000 grand to have it rebuilt some what lower, to have it cleaned again some what lower then that… I would think 500 to 1000.00


Never had one done,  wanted to know what to expect.

Way off,  but thanks anyway.  $1300 to $1400 for a rebuilt tansmission. Thank goodness we did not need that done.

I had the same Van as you Astro, Just a year older and it cost me 165 bucks for a filter change and a flush at Parkville Transmission in PG, If you do get your tranny flushed you may as well get the filter done, It may cost a bit more but worth it.

wow a friend for her van paid 4 grand for a transmission my rebuilt cost me just over 2 grand… but then again it was a VW van…

I own a VW as well.  ALL VW parts are expensive.  An oil filter for my car was $35.00!  Damn car!!  LOL!!