Mean machine

Anyone see that mean machine around town today, parked at Tim’s, Made in Quebec top speed 250kl. per hour. I took a ride in it and that baby just about snapped my head. Don’t really want to go cross country a little too close to pavement.

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I saw one of these today.  Also made in Quebec (Bombardier):

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I like that one but the name of the maker scares the shit out of us boys from Quebec. The T-Rex is a bitch to get into but what a rush when you take off, A thrill a thrill.

I saw a bit on Daily Planet regarding the T-Rex as well as visiting their website Youtube is loaded with vids as well.

They do have a pretty bad case of ‘Go Like Stink!’ and would make a great toy, daily driver? Not so much.

I saw it leaving town today and it looks like a whole lot o’ fun!!  :imp:

I think I need one.

it impressed the hell out of the tourists at kassiks today :smiley:

It doesn’t even look real!  It just looks like a toy!

I tell you fun seekers it sure makes for a fun and wild ride. Met the guy at Tims, Frenchman from Alberta now, Grand Prairie I believe but from Quebec. Said he drove the thing from Montreal to Alberta in three days…CRAZY. Went for a ride and the head just about left me on take off, great rush.

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