Mce 2005

anyone else here use Microsoft Media Edition 2005, I use it but I’m having a problem with the movie channels, does not matter if it is satellite or cable, it will stutter and is unwatchable it also takes along time to change the channel once you are on those stations everything sort of freezes, once I’m out of the those channels it all works great, I’m thinking its something to do with DRM rights, but I thought that was for watching recorded movies on different computers… I should be able to view a movie, I searched the internet and looked through green thumb but really didn’t find anything…

Two Things.

  1. MCE stinks. I use it and it crashes daily.
  2. Check your settings. There’s a spot that limits how much space you can use on your harddrive for recorded video. When the space you’ve allocaed is used MCE will act wierd just trying to watch TV because it records before playing it to you. Delete a bunch of your recorded Tv files burnem to dvd whatever and you should find it’ll run smoother.

hi new 400 gig hard drive…It Is MCE and the movie channels from what I have read so far, the movie channels have a signal that MCE can intrepid “this is protected do not play…so MCE then starts to skip so you can not view it or record it…
this happened in role back 2 they introduced some more of there DMR rights….there are some work arounds, some times they work some times they don’t…I’m going to try beyondtv .

I like MCE I have no problems except the movie channels….but that’s ok……Thanks

I’m glad you like it.
I haven’t tried another program but I know when I crash MCE its some stupid VPU recover message most of the time. I’m not much of a techie so when it crashes I just reboot and whine about it to everyone. lol.
I probally should get it to a professional. It’s bogged down and needs a fix of some sort. alot of times it takes 5 minutes to boot up.
I’m running bitdefender 10 and run spybot a fair amount but I’m sure there’s more woes to my computer.

My laptop is a mac powerbook OS 10.4somehting. I love it, and my office computer is a 17" imac OS10.3.9 so the PC pales in comparison. ilife is awesome and I’ve go the full CS2 suite on the laptop.

I switched one computer over to Snapstream beyond TV put in my HDTV card with my other TV Card and wow, much better then MCE 2005, I also hooked up a Cable amplifier and the signal strength is awesome…So now if I choose I can record 2 shows at the same time, well 3 shows I still have my mce 2005 in the living room, but I think I will install the snapstream on that machine too……great product,