McAfee Security

I run McAfee security on my computer which updates every morning when I turn it on.  Today it seems to be crapping out and every couple of hours it prompts me that I am “unprotected” until I run a fix, which takes a couple of seconds only to have the same problem come up a couple of hours later.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

The issue is that you have mcafee at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

This says it all.


Oop, sorry. I didn’t add anything productive to the thread.

what I would suggest is re-installing your mcafee product if further problems occur.

Productive suggestion?
Get that thing off your computer.


Why do people sell that shit anyhow?

thanks for the input–any suggestions for alternate security?

I use AVG free.

There are other better ones out there I’m assuming.

Star… most people don’t realize that McAfee is an enormous resource hog. It has tentacles that reach deep into your operating system and can have quite an effect on the speed of your computer. Plus you have to pay them for this.

AVG Free is a great alternative. I’ve used it for a couple of years without any problem. I installed it on my parents computer and you could immediately see an improvement in how it ran once I removed that beast.

I know AVG Free does suffice for most common end users.

However, I would suggest Avast Home over AVG Free. :smile:

along with some good Anti-Malware apps like Malwarebytes, Spysweeper, SUPERAntiSpyware, and HijacThis (more of a tecchy savvy but it’s really good)

Thank you for all of the suggestions.

I’m not that tech savvy when it comes to these sorts of things and it is very nice to have some constructive input.

It is making my computer run really slowly & it’s super irritating because every Monday morning it takes forever to get up & running, probably because it has been off for 2 days and needs to go thru everything.

Thanks again!!

I would also avoid anything norton for the same reasons, especialy the internet security suite stuff.
If you have to pay for one IBM’s kaspersky is pretty good, aswell as NOD 32 and PC Cillin’ allthough they all have some warts too. IMHO

Avast will reboot into a DOS scan and pick up shit that turns on the instant Windows boots.
AVG Free rated #1 in an Ultimate PC revue. It’s always been my #1 choice.
Clamwin uses the least processor power.

Clamwin is an on-demand scanner.  Not really recommended for your average user who doesn’t know what he or she is doing.

I use it almost exclusively on my windows machines, though.

On the other hand, that’s exactly why I like Clamwin.

I also like Clamwin for my winders boxes at work (light, fast).