Mc D's Shrinkage

Did I get bigger or did they shrink everything at mc donalds awhile back

Rx: Take two Big Macs with water, then one every two hours until hunger subsides. If still hungry, see your doctor. Warning do not use in combination with McD shakes or your intenstines could become solidly cemented in place and require surgery.

Fast food prices are very high right now. Which Gives everyone somthing to Complain about. But what really licks the juice of my pickle is, People are complaing over a little less McDonalds. If you went to McD’s 10 times a month, and they shrunk the portions 10 percent your only getting 1 less portion per month.

So if your that cheap and need to complain about 1 portion a month, and cant walk your lazy $$$ to a grocery store a few times to make up the diff… Then be my guest

Remember “back in the day” when they had the days of the week where cheeseburgers were like $0.50 each or whatever at McDonald’s? Nowadays, it’s $5.00 or whatever for a meal.

Haven’t recently moved out of the parents’ house, I’ve found that buying real food from the grocery store and making some decent is far healthier, and, the kicker for myself, far more cost-effective.

How did this make it into the tech forum?

He always posts in the wrong forum… baffles my little mind as well.

It may now be over $5 for a meal, but where besides McDs can you eat until you’re sick for only $5?

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]It may now be over $5 for a meal, but where besides McDs can you eat until you’re sick for only $5?

safeway bulk food aisle.

Let’s see you eat $5.00 worth of table salt.

Like McDonald’s fries?

my fries havent been salty enough the last few times i’ve been to mcd’s.

That really is a good thing you know.

again with the pickle juice

Chances are, if you’ve been eating at McDonalds on a regular basis, you’re bigger.

I’m proud of myself, it’s been over a year since I have eaten at McDicks.

[quote=“Nomadic man”]

again with the pickle juice[/quote]

he must be very obsessed with what comes out of his pickle when it’s licked