Mc Bride Street, By Spero's

Anyone know what ive been driving over all day on mc Bride street?

Two little rubber hoses a foot apart?

i would think it sum kind of counter or speed counter machine… :smiley:

They had it last year too I think it counts the vehicles going over.

I think :confused:

The first time I seen it last year I thought it was going to be a bomb or something.

Speed counter. A counter that measures speed.

Big cities have them. Rupert is a big cities.

just wondering…

I thought it might be a speed counter when i was in my car. If it measures the time between pressure from the front and back wheels it would get confused by opposing traffic. Also, if a motorcycle with 1m between the front and rear tires and a truck with 3m drove over the wires at the same speed, would it measure the motorcycle 3 times faster? i dont get it :confused:!

How about from the time your front tire hits the first one to the time your front tire hits the second one?

but theres still opposing traffic…unless it only tracks one side of the road.

You guys obviously haven’t been paying attention and actually driving over the wires… there is a set on either side of the street, covering both lanes going each way.

My guess is it’s a counter.

So then that raises the bigger question: why are they there?

Time to get the old rumour mill a-churnin!

motorcycle is shorter than a car it wouldnt work… they would have to be more than a car length apart for it to be an accurate measure of speed. I believe its just a car counter… everyone back over it a few times

First hose measures how many axles, and how far apart. Second hose measures the same thing. Take the time from the second hose, subtract time from the first hose and you have the speed. The number of axles can also be recorded.

I played with these in a former job in a former life (about 10 years ago), and they record lots of raw data. They’re generally used to count traffic to assess things like density, peak times, average speeds, etc. Usually to answer traffic questions (is traffic getting heavier or lighter? What time are peak times? Does parking a police car here make people slow down?)