Mayor runs unchallenged in Prince Rupert

The list of candidates who want to run for local office is sparse.

Officially, the list of candidates in Prince Rupert for councillors are Barry Cunningham, Wade Neish, Blair Mirau and Gurvinder Randhawa are running for re-election. New candidates running are Sarah Dantzer, Charmayne Carlson, Nick Adey and Reid Skelton-Morven.

Mayor Lee Brain is also running again, and without any challengers. He won’t be named mayor, officially, until after the challenge and withdrawal period, which ends on Friday, Sept. 21.

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I read on FB today that Mayor Lee Brain was acclaimed.

I read on FB that the powers of the Ancient Gods can make you car run smoother.
If nominations are now closed, he will be acclaimed election day.

Seems to be a big problem in rural BC, not many people want to run for civic office. Thankless job it is. Everyone thinks you can do way more than the little you can in local positions. Everyone thinks politicians can fix anything…