Mayor Pond recounts his observations of Governor Palin

The Mayor has been providing a little inside information on Alaskan politics to the Vancouver Sun, which publishes an article in Saturdays paper that includes a thumbnail sketch of Pond’s impressions of the now nominee for Vice President of the Republican Party Governor Sarah Palin.

Mayor Pond examines her plan for oil drilling in the Arctic slopes and offers up his own impressions of the oil industry possibilities, with his belief that drilling for oil can be done without environmental damage, given appropriate safeguards and technologies. Offering up his support for oil and gas drilling on the coast of BC, a position that ties in nicely with the ambitions of the Provincial Liberal party…

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What a sleeze bag, he will do anything to get away from the week it was in the media. Sucking right up to Gordo and the  his two cents worth on her. So I hear she is also under investigation.

OMG! This is getting truly mental!

Sounds like mayor Pond and eccentric are singing from the same song book - we all know the lyrics by now…“If I say something is true enough times, then it will be”.

If 50,000 people say a silly thing - it is still a silly thing. (can’t remember the name for that quote).

Does anyone on here remember Pond’s initial election campaign - and his positions on both oil & gas and fish farms?

Aaarrgghhh…I PRAY that Pond’s rose coloured glasses get knocked off in November.

PEOPLE - don’t let the Federal election burn you out for the Municipal one.

Hmm I can’t seem to find any example of a flip flop on the oil and gas by the Mayor, he did reverse his position on the fish farm industry during the last election campaign, when he realized that the local population wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about the fish farm industry this far north.

But I may be wrong, but I don’t seem to remember him ever speaking out against oil and gas, in fact I thought he was pretty close to the local group which included Bill Belsey and Dave McGuigan, they always met at the Crest (our version of the Cattlemans club) to plot the future of our oil wealth (kind of like Dallas with webbed feet I guess)…

I’ll keep my eyes open for any comments that went against the proposed development, but I’m not sure I’ll find any…

At any rate here’s an example of his thoughts back in March of 2005 and they seem pretty pro oil development then… you need to scroll down about two thirds of the way and look for the article titled Mayor invites offshore oil hunts

Back in 2004 he was sponsoring resolutions at the UBCM to lift the moratorium of drilling … il_and_gas

So he seems to have been rather consistent on that one agenda item anyways. 

(kind of like Dallas with webbed feet I guess)… [/quote]


2004 and 2005 are both into his mayorship - I am wondering about his position when he was initially campaigning. To tell the truth - I can’t find any references either, but I do remember some local enviros howling that he flipped on both issues.

I am certainly willing to be wrong about that. In fact, I would be quite pleased to be wrong - to know that he can be consistent on something.