Mayor on Jazz flight

Anyone hear about our mayor’s antics on a Jazz flight a couple of days ago?

Did he call the lady over and asked her to make a motion?

Is he a member of the “Mile High Club?”    :wink:

You won’t hear anything about it because like most council meetings these days, it was in camera.

why come on and say it that way why not say the antics?

Please make sure you read and understand this:

Especially this bit:  “The limit to anonymous speech is when a poster abuses his or her anonymity.  Just because you’re not using your real name doesn’t give you a license to be abusive and disrespectful.  If you break the law, especially with respect to libel and slander laws, then others may have the legal right to ask that your identity be revealed.”

If you’re going to post something here, make sure it’s factual (ie: you were there).

So what you’re saying is that we should use the Glenn Beck method of accusation?

“I’m not saying that the mayor did something amusing on a recent flight, but isn’t it strange that he hasn’t denied the allegations outright? His silence on this issue speaks volumes!”

heh, no, just that when I get the letter from the lawyer, I’ll pass it right along :smile:

Ah probably nothing big, more than likely he just wanted to be upgraded to first class :smiley: