Mayor Mussallem, MIA?

An interesting statistic has popped up on the attendance sheet of Prince Rupert city council this last session, with the city’s main gavel holder, Mayor Jack Mussallem suddenly leading the council in missed meetings, a trend that could be problematic for him if it goes on into one more session.

Council has met for nine meetings so far in this current council year, with five of six councillors getting gold stars for perfect attendance, as councillors Ashley, Bedard, Garon, Kinney and Gordon Payne all making it to City Hall’s chambers for their twice a month sessions. Councillor Thorkelson deducts a point for a missed meeting earlier in the year…

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Is he following Herb’s lead of business trips to China?

Well in defence of the much maligned Mr. Pond and his travel itinerary , last year of the eighteen regularly scheduled council meetings, he was only away from council chambers on meeting night twice.

While he did do his fair share of travel, he did seem capable of organizing his day timer to arrive back in town for council business and to attend to his duties as Mayor during those meetings. … 6104862957

The record last year for absence from council belonged to councillors Cote and Bedard at five each.

Getting the mayor’s chair was just an ego trip for Jack. poor ol’ Don Scott who, despite his poor speaking ability, really cared.

Jack has been back and forth to Alaska a lot lately.  But he was in town today to go to the opening of the ferry.

Yea. I saw him today at 7-11 looking well–hopefully that means he’ll be returning to his chair soon. :smile: