Mayonnaise vs Mircale Whip

What’s better?

  • Mayonnaise
  • Miracle Whip
  • Neither!

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Which is it?

I’m eating a turkey sandwhich, and the turkey is few and old, so it tastes like shit, essentially being a miracle whip and pepper sandwhich. That’s when it hit me: miracle whip rocks.

Quiet you!

Miracle Whip is waaaaay better than that no name stuff. Miracle Whip tastes good with whatever you put it with, whereas mayo depends on what is with it.

Neither!! it makes sandwichs cold and wet and it takes to much flavor away from other things!

Eew, Miracle Whip is creepy. It is way to tangy and potent to be made of anything natural. Mayo is much better. I think Hellmans’s or whatever is the best.


Miracle Whip = God Like snort

I can’t tell the difference. So my vote goes to 7-11 nacho cheese.

Were you born without tastebuds? There is a world of difference!!!

Mircale Whip all the way!!!

Although 7 11 nacho cheese tastes good on everything too.

What is with the theatre giving out packages of cheese now???

You could just buy a pizza to go with your pizza face Jeff. snort

Haha, and I bet you’ve got a little hard on now after posting big bad things anonymously. Good work kid, you’re a rebel!

That was really funny, and I thought I was the only one who mispelled “Geoff” for comic relief.

its all about the tangy zip of miracle whip

and i think its made from eggs (species of egg withheld).

miracle whip tastes different than Mayo beacuse they put spices in the miracle whip, read the lable.

Ok, Miracle Whip to me is like the Cheese Whiz of cheeses.

thing is, cheese whiz is hardy cheese, but miracle whip is a miracle, mmm, its SO good on a toasted BLT… mmm drools

Haha, I find that so funny that you post under anonymous to shoot someone down over a problem you’re more likely to have than anyone else in this thread! That is, of course, why you posted anonymously… isn’t it? Or the fact that you have very little friends or respect from people? Probably. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Good job man, maybe next time you could shoot down Calista Flockheart (Ally McBeal) for being too fat!

Anyway, it was a nice attempt at making yourself look like an idiot. Next time you’re looking to burn someone, you should really think about something you could actually burn them on. A problem which ceases to exist is a bit pointless.

[quote=“teh_gibs0n”]its all about the tangy zip of miracle whip

and i think its made from eggs (species of egg withheld).[/quote]

The mans got a point… A sandwhich just isn’t a sandwhich with out it! You gotta luv it. Mayo, it’s just so plain and boring. And Anonymous, that was low! Ouch, and boy did you ever get burned for it to!