Matrix Revolutions

So what do yall think bout matrix revolutions, honestly my fave part is the battle between the machines and the humans. Commander Foo kicks azz

all Matrix movies are hurtin.


if you suspend your disbelief and you’re not a pedantic jackass the first is pretty cool.

i only saw the first and the second, and by the second, i found it hard to suspend my disbelief and jackass-based pedantry.

I think I watched a half hour of the first one, and swore that I would never watch another Matrix movie EVER. I can’t stand sci-fi crap.

The first was a beautiful movie, but after that they get stupid. I mean, at the end of the first one Neo discovers he doesn’t have to fight, he can just reshape the matrix as he wants it. But then in Reloaded and Revolutions, everyone’s back to the drudgery of guns and hand-to-hand combat.

The Animatrix was cool though. It was more art than entertainment - it was obvious they made it for more reasons than to make a profit.

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must agree, the first matrix was very good, but after that they sucked, no originality anymore which made the first one so pro

well iv watched them all and personally i hated the 2nd one and i recon the 3rd one is the best one they made althought the 1st is good i recon it drags on too much

Beat this: my girl dumped me because i fell asleep during the start of the seciond Matrix movie. I found it incredulous that the citizens of Zion would all be dancing and chanting around the fire going “ooga-booga” like something from an old black&white Tarzan movie.

the rest of the show kicked ass though

Was she pissed off because you dragged her there kicking and screaming and then you had the gall to fall asleep and leave her watching the crappy movie by herself?

I was dragged to see Spawn, and the start of the movie was so bad, I thought we were still watching the previews.

Well i’ve only seen a little bit of the first one and I thought it was the dumbest movie, so i never saw the rest… needless to say maybe i should but as of Now i agree with kao, all of them are “hurting”

Only sci-fi i can stand = Starwars (WHOOO OOOOH!!!) note to self: trying to type a wookie roar is hard…


Only sci-fi i can stand = Starwars (WHOOO OOOOH!!!) note to self: trying to type a wookie roar is hard…[/quote]

Me too. I liked Star Wars before, but since I had to watch the trilogy over and over and over again with a certain person, I’m not the biggest fan now. But if I HAD to watch them, I’d be able to tolerate them… except for Jedi, I love watching the Ewoks.

it’s all about Empire!

the empire was good and gave a good dose of all the stuff like lukes hand getting cut off, lukes first drivers lesson, and han salo gets frozen!

But Jedi was so much better, it had cool ewoks and the death of pizza the hut…err I mean jabba the hut. Lets not forget those kick ass ewoks owning darth vaders minions, they totally capped it off well too with those lil ewok’s having a space rave or whatever…yup

speaking of star wars I think im gonna check out some spaceballs now


So from reading this thread, it isn’t worth it to rent Revolutions even though I have seen the other two and I am quite curious about the conclusion.

there called storm troopers Muhaha

ok in my opianion the matrix was all you want aroud an action movie in the first one its easy to understand , the second one was harder and wtf happend to tank??? the third one made no fucking sence at oall al i no is that they shot alot of bullets and that trinady dies and what happend to neo??? is he dead or what??