Markets in Community for Summer 2015

!. United Church Summer Market, each Saturday, 9-Noon, 636-6th Avenue West. Crafts, second hand, baking, and the all important you-never-know-what-you’ll-find. Tables $10. call the Church to book at 624-2087.

  1. Last Minute Market Market at the Moose, each Saturday, 9-12:30, 735-1st Ave. West. Crafts, baking, second-hand, small businesses. Tables $12. but running full right now.

  2. Salmonberry Farmers Market, each Saturday, afternoons, at their best location yet, between CIBC and Javadotcup. Farmers market rules apply. Not sure who to contact, but its fabulous!

We are community partners, working together to make Prince Rupert a better place.