Marcan construction jerks

Marcan Construction must be the worst company to work for, I worked for them ,doing heavy lifting in hot weather for about 3 weeks, then nothing,I was told we will be working, it seems I dont have a job with them jerky jack ass’s anymore, I quit my other job because I was told that it will last , mybe it’s because I didnt sign there paper they gave me  . If I signed it , I wont be getting overtime. I have talked to the other guys that got hired at the same time , and they also didnt sign the paper and havent got called for work.  Some of the guys said that the superviser was being a jerk on there last day, I didnt think that way about Marcan but now I do.


Sorry to see you so “miffed” Mr. Canada.  I’ve always found the Marogna’s good people to deal with. 

No overtime with job… or no job at all.  Gee, sounds like a hard decision to me!

It was obviously important for you to sign the contract.  Don’t blame them for something you didn’t do.

do you even have a trade, sounds like you should be working at mc d.  Marcan probly found some other smuck to sweep up some sawdust

Before people start ripping MRCANADA a new one, he should clerify what he ment by not paying overtime. If a company is wanting you to work overtime and not pay it that is wrong. If the company does not want you to work overtime, and you need to sign a paper, well you should have.

Wow I am surprised after working 3 whole weeks in a row you werent disillusioned about the work force!!! 
Look around their company…how many of them are long term employees?  MARCAN is very successful and never sit idle
Anyhow MR Canada…good luck and all the best to you in finding a new 3 weeks stint.
Merry Christmas to all.


This could have been a great chance to get a trade, Get connections, show your work ethic need I go on…

This is the first time I see someone in agreement with billy on a topic.  I had to frame it!

Odd indeed.  What’s next?  Heh-heh:-)

Oh God,  What have I done.  I am  marked man now… :confused:

mcsash shut your pie hole, AND TRY DOING A HARD DAYS WORK, gurly man , and billy I have worked in the forestry industry for 6 years , I have a infant son now, I dont want to be in camp for 2 weeks at a time, before that I was a fisherman , and we know how that industry has went nowhere but down hill.

so you dont have a trade, why hire you when they can hire someone that does

Ha ha, classic,  just classic…

Billy, I am certain he has a clamp truck license (among other licenses he held) so he can clamp you by the leg and drive around in the snow for hours.

Now that would be a very fun job.

Wa wa wa…I have done fishing and forestry…I seen the light!!!  I have paid my dues…and continue to work 60 hrs a week.  Instead of sitting on your duff and slagging me on here …do what needs doing, GET A JAAOOB!!!  Beggars cant be choosers when it comes to the world of employments.

Sorry for the negativity moderators…

This person that wrote this, must be smoking the same stuff that their avatar is smoking.  He says that he did heavy lifting for “three weeks in hot weather?” where does he think he is? Obviously not in Rupert, when have we had one week of hot weather?  Maybe because of all his whinning and dillusions that could be the real reason that he is now unemployed. Grow Up!!!

It gets hot in Rupert ??? :confused:

Knowing a little on both sides of the story, Marcan is not the nicest Company to work for, and without starting a whole nother thread on the same topic I won’t rant forever. However, I used to work in the forest industry had 6+ weeks vacation and I did work hard. I now have a job with the Govt and as wasteful as I thought the mill was wowee nothing on the Gov’t. I work 60+ hours a week just to stay afloat as do many others I am sure/  The original poster to this was venting his frustration albeit he could have dealt with the ot issue thru labour relations and dollars to donuts he would not be working anyway. It’s kind of a double edged sword, shut up and work or complain and don’t work. I don’t see either side of the sword as good, but in fairness isn’t that what this forum is about to vent, inform, reform?  It seems to me ( I don’t post lots so please this is not meant to insult anyone just my perception) that when people post there opinions on most subjects it becomes a free for all and really are we not all entitled to our opinions. We don’t have to agree with each other but there really are two side to every story.  Okay I have blabbed on enough. Hope everyone has a great day the SUN IS SHINING! Raspberry to Vcr and the Islands … keep on shovelling :smile:

Agreed.  Well-said, maxwell.  We are all entitled to our opinions here on HTMF. 
Let’s try to avoid turning this into a flame-fest people.

Any company that hires general laborers are going to have a certain number end up disgruntled.