Many pages of findings, few causes for the sinking, outlined in Q of N report

“The system failedâ€

I heard her lips moving on CKNW today.
They’re all completely satisfied with what they can’t say.

The whole story should be rightfully called:  “The BC Fairytale”

I think that today’s report is terrible in that no one will find any closure in it…
The 2 people involved have lawyers advising them not to speak, so we may never know…
BC Ferries also I feel never want the truth told…  It’s sad that 2 lives were lost and there never will be true accountibilty

Someone reminded me tonight that the RCMP will one day release it’s findings…?
I wonder when that report will come out … Is this true or was the report today the final? 

Nothing in this life is “final”…only death is.

So, if enough raucous about the whole present verdict is reached then they’ll have to come up with a more in depth enquiry or another one altogether. 
We all remember the Air India bombing…it was re-opened wasn’t it?

I was listening to the CBC afternoon show on the radio and the host said she was just handed a letter from the 4Th officer on duty that night and he was apologizing to everyone in his letter.
Very interesting…and sad.
This must be horrible for him