Mandrake 10 torrent

I found a Bittorrent for Mandrake 10 offical today on
However, downloading has been very slow, no seeds yet. The file is 2.5 gigs. The download includes 4 disk images.

Correct me if I’m wrong,

SEEDS are the number of people hosting the full file.
PEERS are the ones who are downloading/uploading,whatever amount of the file they have.

If there are no seeds, you’ll only get the fraction of the file that your peers have. Maybe there is a faster FTP/HTTP mirror on the web somewhere.

Yup, you need to have at least one seeder in the entire torrent in order to get the full file. But that seeder never has to be in the group talking to you. You can get the sections of the file from others who have gotten it from the seeder.

Often you’ll see a single seeder and 500 or so peers downloading a big file. The seeder has very limited bandwidth, so it’s taking a long time. Once a peer has the full file, he becomes a seeder himself.

Also, I’ve done two network installs of Mandrake 10 this weekend. Just download the boot image and boot with that, and then point it at a mirror and away you go. Took about an hour on the P4.

As soon as I get the wireless working on it, it’s going to be the “can a 12-year old girl run linux” experiment.

About bittorrent, to be a seed (and not a leech) does azureus need to be launched?

And Mig, stop with the 12 years old references. I getting more and more embarassed! :blush:

Yeah, you need to have azereus running. You’ll automagically become a seed once you’ve gotten the whole file. Just leave it open. A good rule of thumb is that you should seed at least as much as you’ve downloaded. Some people insist on seeding twice as much.

And then there’s some people that barely seed at all! 8)

I usually upload 150%-200% of the file, just to do my part. I limit that to about 10-20Kb.s most of the time.

Hi MiG,
Could you post the FTP site and directory that you used to download Mandrake 10.0 official.

I downloaded the boot ISO, booted from it, setup network, entered the following:
(for ftp)
(for directory) /pub/linux/mandrakelinux/official/10.0/i586/

then I get an error stating bad hostname. I leave the host name empty, shouldn’t I?

I can just burn you a copy of the CDs if you’d like.

Thank you, that is great

All these raves about Bit Torrent I had to try it. How do you adjust settings in it? Need to keep upload speeds down so as not to choke my ADSL right?

What client are you using?

Azereus and ABC (bit torrent clients) let you control that stuff. Azerues is great, but seems to cut back a bit on your downloading if you cut back on the uploading. I use ABC, usually. There are plenty of clients out there that have built in throttles. If you don’t want to use them, you can try a program like NetLimiter. It’ll throttle any or all programs you ask it to.

Azereus is great, but runs on JAVA which bugs me sometimes. ABC is also great. Here are a couple links. I’ll throw in the Burst client aswell, since Mike seems to like it.

thank. i had no client at all, just clicked the icon thaqt first downloaded. It smokes! downloading Lindows at over 100KBs… mandrake is oozing in slowly. Anyone found an ftp with the 4 mandrake iso’s yet? Grab it at work on the bigpipe

I was hoping to post the Mandrake iso’s for download, but I’ve been torrenting for days and still have 26 hrs to go. Tried to burn disk1 and got a Nero ‘not a nero iso image’ error, so I hope that means disk 1 isn’t complete at 694MB and not that its no good after all this wait…
please don’t tell me i need to start over again:-{

I’m getting 15KB rate at night and up to 30KB in the day over a 4 MB pipe…

Just updated Mandrake 10.0 official. Everything is working very well, so far (knock on wood)

You still trying to download Manfrake 10.0 images Herbie? There are tons of mirrors on the web i fyou’re having trouble with BT. Just to list a couple…



BT Link … Official(2.torrent

thx. was looking to download all 4 disks and post the iso’s for everyone to get. Bit Torrent running really slow for me i’m still only at 55%. May just wait till they post the iso’s or the NO CREDIT NO HASSLE? people set up on paypal :laughing:

Weird, I got the 4 ISOs in one big tar file with bittorrent. Took about 6 hours? Something like that.

What torrent client are you using? If it’s azereus, try hitting the “update manually” button – it will reconnect to the tracker and see if there are any more peers closer to you, etc. It should do this automagically every few minutes anyway…

I wish I could mirror them here, but I think that would be stepping over the line with Citytel :wink:

Want me to MAIL you a copy?

using ABC and current speed is 8.5 down & 45 up. I’ll check out azereus. Thanks for the offer, I may take you up if all else fails. I won’t have my athlon chips til after the weekend anyway to build a decent box.
I do have a quad zeon700 ftp box online but only 512k upload pipe. I really need new wheels before an E10 :unamused: