Man can summon UFO's

I don’t know what to believe after watching this… anyone have any logical explanations…

Also that guy says he’s going to summon a UFO over Las Vegas skys for 2 nights so all news stations can film and study the UFO.

He plans on doing this between June 1st and July 15th…

Yeah, I watched that earlier, trippy huh.

He sounds like he smokes lots of crack. Anyone could film the moon during the day and call it a UFO, when the picture is blurry.

Your a retard if you think that was the moon.

lol, yea dude, watch it again… it appears out of no where… I’m with you on the crack smoking but still it dosen’t explain how that happend.

wild shit… Its a weather ballon…jk…
who has seen something in the sky… I have, it was durring the airplane show that was along the water front some years ago. I was at behind stardust watching the planes fly by when I noticed a bright object over towards the sea plane base. It past across the harber and then disaperied. when I told a few friends about it they said they saw it too and they were watching it more then the airshow. i would say it was in the sky for about 5 min untill I lost sight of it.

there was a police officer in the 70’s who saw one on the way to terrace it was on the highway he had to turn around, he did a report on it.