Making a webpage

whats the best way to go about making a webpage.
And wheres a good free webpage hosting site?

Have you tried ?

If it’s just a simple page you want, that’s your best bet.  If you want a full site, you’ll need to find a real host

I have 2 sites… BOth templates that i modded for my need’s WHY because i dont have the time to sit down and do all the coding. I dontated 100$ to the site builders. But the hosting i get for free :smile:

one is



cool little googlethingie

Glue ?  Put it down. It’s hurting your brain.

Glue good. Brain bad.
Brain likes wrong girl. Brain always fighting with Mr Happy.
Must kill brain. Mr Happy must be appeased.

Gurls  MESSED brain up. Brain Now useless. :smiley:

That is their JOB. They can’t help it. Zombie hotties who eat your brain and you wake up crazy in the morning and run to their house, slam them into bed, totally surrender your soul to them…
then discover your door locked behind you, your keys are inside, it’s raining and you can’t even get in your car, your apt. landlord’s on vacation for 2 weeks… and the cell rings and she tells you she’s confused and just wants to be friends for now…

So how is yourweekend so far, Jason?

My weekend consists of a gurl that is going to eat my brain as well :smile: Altho i did just spend the day in a nice air-conditioned  place. Then i walked out the door and started sweating BOO HISS… Tomorrow i have to go install 15 rack mount blade servers ON A HOT DAY at 7 am. Then to the beach with the hot chick :smile:

And yours may i ask is going to consist of ?


If i can ever get free of running to office to reboot shit, Hydro been going nuts, killed a router on mountaintop so I had to hike up there friday night.
Boy that trail is a lot steeper than it was 10 years ago
Spikes killed server PS, my 19" LCD at home, & 2 batts on server UPS Saturday
Then unannounced (well there was a note on the post office) 3 hour shutdown that drained everything and left 3 of 4 servers off this a.m.
Today I avoid my daughter (too hot to drive 5 hrs to PG & back to visit), refuse to MSN the hottie (although I want to… oooh I want to), and will go drink beer with my buddy and pick up a huge BBQ from ex-gf.

But I may do NOTHING except go jump in the lake…