Major sponsors step in

They should have done this LONG TIME AGO! :smiling_imp:

Report: NHL wants deal by mid-June Staff with Sun Media files

5/21/2005 3:55:33 PM

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has a drop dead date in mind for the upcoming NHL season, according to a report by Sun Media.

A story in Saturday’s Ottawa Sun cited league sources who said if a new CBA is not in place by mid June, the NHL may cancel next season and scrap negotiations altogether until the union accepts the league’s terms.

The news comes amid reports that major sponsors have told the league they will take their money elsewhere if there is no labor agreement by June 15.

The league and the NHL Players’ Association met for eight hours in New York on Friday, a day after sitting in a boardroom for 14 hours and word from within was that some progess was made.

Both sides have the weekend off before Bettman and NHLPA executive director Bob Goodenow decide when talks will resume next week.

Files from Sun Media were used for this report.

I think the League is completely in the right here… I don’t think that NHL players should make nearly as much as they do. The Junior leagues are getting lots of expossure on tv since the nhl went down, and you dont see them getting no 5 million a year. Not only that, but the quality of game is as good or even better in some cases, than the NHL.

Sometimes that’s not true, theres barely any hitting (clean or not) the players
are pansies (ouch don’t check me, or I’ll sue!), high scoring games were always my
thing but when the goalie lets in 8 goals each game it wants me to watch NHL
more then ever. Most of this I’ve heard from a friend who’s into hockey but a few
of the lil games I’ve watched havn’t impressed me one bit.

Why do so many people ‘side with the owners’? They’re the retards that are outbidding each other and driving the salaries up!

what they need to make all parties happy is a salary cap and profit sharing, then the players get more moeny based on how exciting they make the games, which will bring more fans etc.

No matter what, the NHL players still make far too much money for doing what they do. “Oh no, i have to play a sport 2 or 3 nights a week for 2 hours per night, what on earth will i do!!!” so lets say during the playoffs they work (play) a total of 8 hours a week… god damn thats tough, and they get paid millions of dollars to do it too.

They work a little bit more than that. But that’s besides the point.

You can’t blame the players for how much money they make. If someone is willing to pay them that much, then they are worth that much. I agree that most of the fault for winding up in this current situation lies with the owners, there isn’t too much they can do now, other than pay the players less.