Mail server

Does anyone have suggestions regarding a good mailserver program to run? What I’d like is something that could pull the mail from another popserver, spam and virus filter it for pickup. A web interface would be nice to have as well.
A friend suggested Miamail, but I want one you can access mainly with Outlook and webmail is secondary.

Mandrake. ? On a seperate Box.

Do you yuo mean you want a webmail type thing. ? Also.

We’re running postfix on a mailserver, it comes with Mandrake.

We use Horde IMP for webmail access to the Mandrake box.

But there are others, such as Squirrelmail, and the one Citytel uses is free and open too, I think.

I’m using NOCC right now for webmail, and I was thinking of using Imp or Squirrel.
What I want to do is sort of what Norton had at one time, a mailserver, that if you log into it fetches your mail from another one and filters it. Probably about 200 people will use it.

Llike say you have an account You log into now. I set you an account on another server, and have you log into it as your Outlook pop, say When you login it pulls the mail from and filters it. If you hit you get the spam, hit you don’t. Probably run spamassasin and whatever antivirus is reasonable for bulk accounts.

Maybe I should state the problem, i may be thinking in a box:
I have a bunch of accounts, not all want filtering, and no one wants to change their e-mail address. 99% want to use Outlook Express and all like the web access.

Why wouldn’t somebody want filtering?

You’re just going to filter for viruses, right? We scan incoming and outgoing e-mail for viruses, and if we find one, it is not delivered.

As long as that’s the only filtering going on (no spam or anything else), then your customers wouldn’t even notice.

I’m going to run SpamAssassin on the thing too. AVG for linux mail servers is over $4000. I just can’t afford to give it free and the survey I did says 50% refuse to pay for spam/virus filtering.
So I need an option to provide it to some people, without requiring anyone to change their e-mail address.

Unfortunately I have to deal with cheap stupid people. Ones that insist that because Outlook times out drawing a 5MB attachment down a 28K connection, it must be the server’s fault.

ClamAV is free, and if you’re running postfix, it works seamlessly.

You can set it to auto-update as well. Very nice, open-source and everything.

It’s transparent to our users (though I get the reports of the viruses).


thx. I just ran across Clam, and next time I check in you’re using it. :smiley:
So what do you think of my concept, is it on track, or should I can it and look for some other solution?

Im thinking about buying one of these… or invest in a apple g4 dual 450 box. Hummm… … s_net-box/