Mail delivery

Anyone have any Idea how long it takes for mail to get from Rupert to Van?
It was sent on Monday, If it doesn’t come later on today, I have a feeling I wont
get it till tuesday

Your grasp of the everyday routines of life continue to amaze :astonished:

Smurfs right Billy.  I simple phone call would do.  I was curious about a parcel I sent on Monday so I made the call for you.

Parcels:  Using expresspost it will take two business days.  Mailed before the due time on Monday it should be in your hands by Wednesday. 
Using regular post takes longer.

If it is just a letter with a regular stamp, it could take “two, three or four days.  There is no guarantee with a regular stamp.”  I didn’t think to ask but I am assuming you could use express post with a letter.

If the letter were mailed before the pickup time on Monday, Thursday would be the third business day.  You would think it should be delivered today, but …