Mail Delivery

Quick question. I am sending out a few documents to Vancouver and I am wondering how many stamps do I need and can I put it in a regular mail slot outside of the post office? Its a big brown envelope (9 x 12 I think). I heard that I have to send it from the 7-11 or from the post office. So I need a quick answer as I need to send it out today. Thanks.

Most likely you would have to take it into the post office or 7-11 so they could get the weight of your parcel.


its only 4 pieces of paper though. All well. How much would it cost.

Heh - probably would have been faster to either call the post office or 7-11 and ask - or better yet: actually go down there and ask them.  If the cost hasn’t changed, 8.5 by 11 envelopes used to be two stamps (more if the envelope was heavy) - but I am not sure if that applies to 9x12 envelopes.

    Call the post office?? Faster to hand deliver the package than to wait for them to answer the phone :imp:

LOL - I admit I have never called the post office - but have never had to wait more than about 3 minutes in line (which is more than I can say for the 7-11 ‘branch’!). 

I did have some fun with one of the ladies awhile back when they were asking if customers wanted to donate to some sort of mental health program for the postal employees and my answer was a wide-eyed and emphatic: OF COURSE I WILL!  Can’t have the postal workers ‘going postal’, now can we? 

She didn’t laugh or even crack a smile.  I’m still uncertain if she was just mad at the response or didn’t get it.  :unamused:

It’s probably more likely that she had heard the joke several times before.  In every work place, there are a few jokes that you hear over and over and over, and usually by the third time you hear it (usually within the first week of employment) it’s hard to laugh along with the “joke”.

i will agree with that like when i worked in gas stations and people would complain about prices and bitch to me like i set the prices. when i worked on the ferry i used to make up different things when people asked the same things . my favorite was when do we see the dolphins? and my response would be  – we release them from below deck at 2pm  :smiley:  amazing how many people say thank u and believe me lol

Ahhh yes - I hadn’t even considered that - but I do remember how fast ‘jokes’ got old.  I think it was on HTMF where I first saw some posts about the tourists that visit our fair city on the cruise ships after I moved here…things overheard that were said by cruise ship patrons:

“Wow, I didn’t know there were so many Mexicans here.”

“How come there are all these bald eagles this far North?”

One lady even asked me where she could buy a formal dress - I explained that I had just moved here and wasn’t sure about where to go for that.  Then she proceeded to get very irate, saying something about people here not knowing anything.  I wasn’t even working at the store where she asked me; I was a fellow customer.  lol

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “I shot the Sheriff” sung while I’m around.  :unamused:

LOL, well probably if you wanted to be a jerk you could charge them with threatening an officer, and extend their stay with Her Majesties legal system just a little bit longer, but you seem like a guy with a pretty good sense of humour on these things.

So, perhaps you should break out in song with “Bad, Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you”…

A happy prisoner is a singing prisoner I guess… :imp:

Don’t they call it “going Greyhound” now anyway? 

I thought therapy was a quiet clock tower and a warm Uzi … ?

Nah, you’d never hit anything from a clock tower with an Uzi.  It shoots pistol ammunition, so it’s not very accurate or effective past 10 or 20 yards.  You’d want a nice big rifle instead.

I’ve had training with a shoulder-fired rocket launcher. Would that do?