MagSafe wireless charger

So I’m getting tired of plugging in the iPhone and I’m looking at getting a safe wireless charger. Any recommendations? Is this a good one?

Apple Magsafe charger

Yeah, any QI-certified one will work. You can get them for $10 or so.

But the Apple ones have the magnets in them to “snap” into place.

I like the convenience of wireless charging, but I often plug in anyway.

  • Plugging in to a fast charger using USB-C to Lightning lets you charge super fast.
  • You can use your phone while charging when it’s connected to a cable.
  • Less wear on the battery when plugged in. This is especially true at night when the phone does backups, updates, and all the funky AI image stuff on your photos. It uses more power, which is drawn directly from the lightning connector. If you’re using wireless charging and it needs to do extra stuff, it will draw from the battery.

That being said, you’re not limited to Apple’s chargers. Search on Amazon for “MagSafe charger” and “QI Charger” for options!

I think we have 4 or 5 different QI chargers in the house.

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Thanks for your thorough feedback, MiG. I liked the information on the benefits of wired charging. I ordered the Apple Magsafe wireless charger. :slight_smile:

The Apple charger arrived today. First time charging the unit right now. Was surprised at how quickly it snapped into place, :slight_smile:

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