Magpie pictures taken today

while out photographing wildlife I took this picture, i never seen a magpie this far west…

enjoy the picture.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Very nice photos.  I’ve always admired the magpie in flight.  Its flapping wings during flight lend to a uniqueness I’ve only seen by a magpie.  Beautiful bird.

Wow!  I’ve never seen them beyond Alberta. 
I hope that this is a fluke appearance, they’re pretty merciless on smaller song birds.

What beautiful pictures of the Magpie. In the tree in my side yard I have daily : song birds, Magpies and BlueJays dining in the 2 milk carton feeders and the 3 suet feeders.Also have a small red headed woodpecker out for the ocassional meal. I am in NW Alberta. Will try to get a few pics to show the fun at meal time here.