MacBook Pro vs. Shakezula

I’m in the market to dump my GameHeavy PC onto my folks and turn around with a Lappy486.  I’m just not sure whether or not I’d like to get an iBook or a Dell laptop?

Hjälpa mig!!!

Here’s what I want to do with it:

  • burn DVD +/- and have Dual-Layer ability
  • watch DVDs to the MAX!
  • play with PhotoShop CS
  • use Skype
  • MSN
  • watch all the formats of DL’d TV shows and the like
  • do school to the MAX!
  • Extreme portability to the classroom and campus
  • Battery Life
  • BlueTooth

This system will be for NOT gaming to the MAX!

I’m basically thinking that I should get an iBook on account of this computer is NOT for the games, and it’s basically for getting things done with school and that.

Now here’s some general questions:

The computer is for Europe, is there ever any problems with 110V Canada going to 220V Europe?
Can I use my DELL AXIM with an Apple iBook?
Does NERO work with iBooks?
How difficult is it going to be for me to swing to Apple after 40+ years on a PC?
What is Apple’s policy on P-rated programs?

Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Också, if I got an external harddrive 250GB would it work with an iBook?

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Wait a little while and get the new iBook (to be called MacBook, I think).  Then you can have the best of both worlds, run Mac OS X and your McWindows stuff too.  All that stuff you listed will work fine on Mac OS X.  So will your external USB or Firewire drive.

The new MacBook pro is already out, no?

I’ve been reading up on it and checkin’ the specs and well, if it still worked, it’d be lookin’ me in the face right now…

It seems like a wicked sweet system!

So… is waiting still required on the MacBook Pro?

Yes, the MacBook Pro is already out.  It’s the replacement for the Powerbook.

But you were talking about the iBook.  Its replacement will probably be called just “Macbook” (without the ‘pro’) and it should be out soon.

Well, I just fiddled my dinger on a MacBook Pro and I was left with a strong case up Upper-Left-Click-Close-Initus along with a great sense of Penile-Enhancement upon leaving the store.

I have många boners on account of the MacBook Pro!

Most relatedly, I takes a pictar of my glory with the iSight:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Post Script:  Can we please rename this topic “MacBook Pro vs. Shakezula”?

So as to be able to convey the idear that we is gabbin’ 'bout the MacBook and not some dinosaury gobbledigook…

Dude anylaptop is the shiat. Just make sure you burn a linspire boot disk so you dont have to use MS Crappy Smeered Windows. I can do anything on my campaq presario laptop, including running any of the latest games, software. Just a new laptop with some room to grow. I just added 1 gig of ram and i am at the limit. My cpu is 3 years old and i am still ecoding vid files at a half decent rate. Smokin’

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]