Mac wireless question

I’m a wireless n00b. :smile:

I’m comfortable setting up a wired network, but, I am completely new to setting up a wireless network. In the Spring I’ll be buying a macbook and an airport extreme base station for my daughter. I’ll be assigning the base station its own static IP address. I know that I need to install the airport extreme software to the macbook prior to setting up the extreme base station.

Here is my question. Once the extreme base station software is installed on my macbook does the macbook need to be physically attached to the base station via cat 5 or can I set-up networking on the extreme base station wirelessly with my macbook?
I know this is a mundane question.  Thank you for any and all answers. :smile:


I’m going to guess that it does have to be physically connected, but that is just a guess - can you download the manuals from

Good suggestion.  I’ll go check that out.  Thanks. :smile:

Thanks, Dave.  I’ve downloaded an excellent pdf from Apple that’ll walk me through wireless set-up.  It does not mention if the macbook needs to be physically connected to set-up the base station.

It does not need to be connected if this is the first time you have configured this apple base.

I have one, you need to go into applications, then to utilities, then launch extreme base station software, it will detect base’s and then configure them with you step for step.

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Awesome!  Thank you Jason, I appreciate the help. :smiley:

After the software is installed on the laptop, run apple updates, then make sure you have the latest firmware on the wireless base, it will pop up and remind you every time you log into it :stuck_out_tongue:.


Thanks.  Will do, Jason. :smile:

Go into system preferences, then to network, and then click ask to join networks.

This will get you to manually connect to them now.

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