Mac Question

Alright I figure this has been asked before but I’ll ask again.

I need to make some back up copies of my movie dvds just in case something might happen to the original copies.  :unamused:

But I’ve got a mac and I am also broke so does anyone know of some free software that allows you to burn dvds?

I’ve got Mac the Ripper so that gets me halfway there.
I’ve used free software in the past on a PC but can’t remember the name or if it comes in a mac version.

Do you want to burn them or just make backups?

handbrake for making backups.

DVD2One for making new images.

Google it!


New Mac question.

I’m in Campbell River right now, went down and saw the nice new iMac’s, am >< this close to buying one…wife has been asking me if we are getting one a few times the last couple of days…honestly after using a Macbook the last 3 days…more than I have in the past year, there are a few things I’m annoyed by…

…one is on my PC I can click the scroll wheel on a web link and FF will open the link in a new tab…It annoys me that I have to click to open a new tab on this macbook. Can I use a two button mouse with a scroll wheel on an iMac so not have to touch the keyboard to open something as simple as a new tab in FF?

The fact I have to click everything to get a context window annoys me more than I thought it would…basic question then is above…can I use a 2 button mouse w/scrollwheel on an iMac and get the same functionality as on a PC?

So never mind about the mac mouse question…I decided to google and yea, the apple mighty mouse seems its fine for what I want to do…really to have to touch a keyboard to do certain things in conjunction with the mouse is crazy…

so on a mighty mouse is it possible to click the scroll wheel and open a new tab in FF?

If you get a two-button mouse with a scroll wheel, the scroll-wheel can act like a middle-button.  So you can click it to open links in new tabs.

If you buy an iMac, it comes with a mouse that allows you to program regions of the mouse as well. It’s a 5-button mouse, I think. So you can have right-click do the context menu, click the scroll wheel for middle button, etc.

Also, on the macbook, you didn’t have to CTRL-click everything for the context menu.  Just have two fingers on the trackpad when you click, and it will “right-click.”  Move two fingers on the trackpad and it scrolls.  The trackpad can tell how many fingers you’re using.

Yes…I finally changed the trackpad to click when tapped…annoys me to have to use the button and the trackpad…I didnt know about the 2 fingers though…slick…

Now that the final decision to acutally be allowed and heck, even encouraged, to buy a Mac, I’m afraid…imagine that…

My daughter plays VMK (a disney website) a lot and its a shockwave app and to get it work I had to run Safari in Rosetta mode and install shockwave. I could not get shockwave to run in FF, it kept saying it couldnt find the plugin.

She is not impressed with the Mac version of MSN either…she says its not as good as the PC version…oh well not a lot I can do there…what are others using as an IM client that has cam and neato features that appeal to an 11 yr old on a Mac?

Ok thats all for now…I’m going to have a beer…Merry Christmas all…

What’s the URL of the game?  I can check it out and see what’s up.  I had to manually install a plugin for Firefox to get a Treehouse page working in Firefox.

As for the Mac version of MSN, nobody actually uses that that – use Adium instead.  Or if she wants video, use  Mercury Messenger.  Though Adium is pretty much the standard chat client on the Mac.  It does MSN, AIM, Yahoo, etc.  Skinnable and slick.

But anyway, in the end you could always run Windows inside VMware Fusion or Parallels for your daughter.  The best way to run windows is inside a virtual machine :wink: – so you can keep a copy to revert to when things go wonky.

why don’t you just install windows xp pro on the machine and dual boot it for her.

MAKE HER learn mac :stuck_out_tongue: She will never regret it :smile:

No need to dual-boot.  Just do the VMware or Parallels thing.  That way you don’t need to waste disk space, and don’t need to boot-reboot every time you want to use a Windows app.  On top of that, you can “snapshot” the Windows virtual machine, so that if she screws up anything, you can just revert back.

Both Parallels and VMware do the “windows-app inside the Mac environment” thing pretty nicely.  Parrallels calls it ‘Coherence’ and VMware Fusion calls it ‘Unity’.  Screenshot below of two windows apps running inside the Mac OS X environment (Internet Explorer 7 and OpenOffice Calc).  First screenshot is in normal windowed mode, the second is in unity mode.

And if you do virtual machines, you can have a bunch of OSes installed just for geek cred.  I think I install a new Linux distro at least once a week :wink:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I wish i could get this feature working so i could do m Heli SIM, but it doesn’t so i have to dual boot.!


Hi. So its been done…I bought an iMac 20" with an extra gig of ram…nice machine. Though in all the years Ive been using a mouse Ive never used one as uncomfortable as the mighty mouse that came with this machine. Keyboard I didnt know what to expect but its pretty good after a few hours of working on it. I think my accuracy has gone up a bit. It feels much like a laptop keyboard, which I can usually type faster and better on.

That mouse though, I had to switch and put my Logitech on it instead.

But as I said in a previous post my concern was a site my daughter uses quite extensively, Its run by disney and uses Shockwave. Well no matter what I do the site starts loading then Director errors pop up saying there are Xtras that are not loaded or not found.

I have tried other shockwave games online and many of them pop up with director errors of certain Xtra’s not found and dont work either.

Ive got the lastest version and have run tried it both in Safari and FF, both running in Rosetta mode but Shockwave just wont work.

Google and Google groups give no good answers, Apple’s site has the same version for download that Adobe does and Adobe has no fixes for it that I can find on their site ehter. Ive done all Apple Tiger updates but dont know what else to try.

MiG…any help on this one? My 10 yr old is quite annoyed with me right now…

Download and install VMware fusion (you can grab the latest from the VMware site), and install a copy of XP.  Then she can just run IE7 (or whatever browser necessary) from there.  You can set it up so that the Windows app works right inside Mac OS X.

I totally hear you about the mouse – I can’t right-click with it, because it requires you to lift your left finger (ie: not touching the mouse) in order to detect a right-click.

I’ve used a logitech from day one.