Mac question: 10.5.7

So I’m planning to upgrade my daughter’s macbook this evening from 10.5.6 to 10.5.7.  Has anyone had any issues with the software update route?  Or do you folks prefer using the combofix?
Thanks for your advice.  :smile:

Just click the button. No issues at all on mine

Nor here …

Speaking of which, I’m thinking of making the jump to Mac because I’ve heard it’s better for publishing, movies and cool stuff in general. Any comments - pros and cons of Macs, what they’re best for?

I’ve upgraded 8 computers so far with no issues.

Thanks, herbie, Soggy, and MiG.  I will upgrade tonight and use the software update route.
Max Power: a Mac is great for any type of personal computing that you’d care to mention.  They are particularly good for photography and music.  My daughter loves her Macbook.
Also, Macs ship with Unix, a battle-tested operating system that is very stable and easy to use.

Thanks.  Updated just fine.

Go down to your local TV station/community cable and you probably won’t even see a PC.
All the serious video software/hardware jumped to Mac when they stopped making Amigas, because PCs were too lame at the time to handle it.

Same in a newspaper/magazine office. Most pro layout is done on Macs.