Mac Mini Acquisition

The MacMini acquisition has stalled. I need a USB Mac keyboard. $104 extra. I need some kind of adapter to go from the DVI/VGA plug to a VGA monitor $??? and don’t know where to get it.
Sheeit. Can you use a MS kybd and map it?
Also notice they’re like Dell, the money’s made in the upgrades. I can buy an 80 Gig for less than the cost of upgrading the 60 gig to an 80. (so that’s where all the 60s went…)

Any USB Keyboard should work. I use a logitech one at home, and a little tiny glow in the dark one at work, neither is an Apple keyboard. The Apple Keyboard that came with my G5 is still in the box, so if you’re really desperate …

The Windows key becomes the Alt/option key, and the Windows Alt key becomes the Apple/Command key. There’s a simple way to remap it – in fact, it asks you to identify the keyboard if it doesn’t recognize it, by pressing various keys.

The Mini only has DVI output. So if your monitor is analog, you need an adapter. It’s included, no need to buy another one.Â


[quote="“”]In the Box:

• Mac mini
• Apple Remote
• DVI to VGA adapter
• Power cord
• Install/restore DVDs
• Printed and electronic documentation

Just order it at

It shipped FedEx today…  :smiley:

I assume from the fact I got charged PST that my Mac shipped from Vancouver (Apple must be in Richmond like every other computer distributor on the planet).
The order that shipped at 2 from distr. on No 6 Rd got here May 31. The order that shipped at 6 from Parkwood Way got here May 31. Shouldn’t have paid the extra $18 I guess.
-whine, whine, impatient!

I order my Macbook two days after a cow-orker or mine.  He paid for “expedited shipping”, I didn’t.  I received my Macbook two days after he did.

Expedited shipping is irrelevant in Northern BC.  Either it gets here or it doesn’t.  There’s no speed difference.

In your case it’s supposed to go to Prince George first. In mine it’s not *supposed to * go to Fort St. John first…
the endless problem here. Back in my BC Tel days Loomis would send every 3rd paycheck to Fort St. John like clockwork. The guys here changed their mortgages to come out Friday instead of Thursday like everyone else’s at BC Tel.

Mac made it to PG at 8:15 am. Unfortunately the driver left at 7:30, so it should be here Monday.

hey just so you know you DONT have to buy some special dvi adapter. Your a tech you much have vdi - vga adapters around right ?  yes no they are the same as a pc so grab one out of a box of adapters…

Better yet, use the one that comes with the computer. 

Exactly :smile: 

( ssshhhhh Lemme cover that mistake up )

So while I spend the weekend waiting, can you guys fill me in on the ‘killer app’ for Mac? What’s the one piece of software I need to add that shines on a Mac?

Terminal :smile:

This stuff ?  this is all that is on my laptop so far…

jases-computer-2:/Applications Jase$ ls
Acrobat 6.0 Professional        Microsoft
Address                Microsoft Office 2004            
Adobe GoLive CS      
Adobe Illustrator CS            Osmond_X_1.0.7
Adobe InDesign CS              Photo
Adobe Photoshop CS    
Adobe Version Cue              QuickTime
AppleScript                    Remote Desktop Connection        
BBEdit 7.0                      Secure FTP                    
Chicken of the
Comic                  StuffIt 10.0                System
DVD                                  Toast Titanium                      Tomato
FileMaker Pro 8                          Utilities
Gallery              Windows Media Player        
Install            iMovie
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8
Macromedia Extension Manager    iWork '06                        serial reader


Download it, read about it.  I can’t live without Quicksilver.  Hard to explain what it does, it’s like a Swiss Army knife, launcher, search utility, text editing and appending, etc.  I map apple-space to launch it.

Finally ACQUIRED !!! :laughing:
Now all I need to do is translations, like what program replaces messenger, what do you draw with, etc. etc. etc.

Well you can use msn messanger for mac or use  You can draw with photoshop :smile:

I downloaded the MSN and it installed… it just did it. It even popped up a window during the original setup and asked what wireless network to connect to. It didn’t even pop up 19,000 windows first, it figured out it wasn’t plugged into ethernet so it had to.
WTF kind of OS is that? More important: why have 850 million ppl bought the other one?

Good point!  Why indeed? :smiley:
I think as more and more people are exposed to Apple, Linux, and BSD they will start to try them.  M$ is the dominant force in computing and will be for the next several years, but, more people may venture away.  Apple computers, Linux desktops, and BSD stations keep improving.
I love OS X, Linux. :smiley:

I’m very impressed. This is what KDE and Gnome should be. Safari’s quite nice (where’s the open new tab?) even if the fonts are a little strange to a Wndows user. Guess I’ll be visiting bit torrent soon… heh heh.
Everything seems to be faster on this little Solo unit than even my X2 4200+…

Apple-T for new tabs.  You may have to enable it in the prefs first.

Firefox rocks for OS X too.

[quote]More important: why have 850 million ppl bought the other one?

That’s because you had the courage to take the red pill.